Saad Welfare Foundation

The efforts of Saad Charity Foundation, which they do for their people.

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With the efforts of "Saad Charitable Foundation", education and knowledge has been provided for students in many areas, which were deprived of this great blessing in the past.
In many areas, in addition to cash cooperation, food and other essential items have been provided to the needy.
With the financial support of this institution, all kinds of patients from different regions of the country were treated free of charge
Orphans, poor and homeless children of many regions have been provided with the help of this institution.
With the financial cost of this organization, floods have been prevented in many areas, due to which many people's lives have been saved as well as agricultural lands from destruction.
A series of "worship places" (mosques) have been built and renovated for Muslims in many needy areas.
Maulvi Muhammad Salem "Saad", the head of this institution, is a diligent person, he tries his best to create facilities for the suffering and oppressed people in all aspects of life. Especially in those areas, where the people are completely deprived of all the healthy, scientific, and economic aspects of life.
This institution does not have any known document or source, which can be used for the completion of all the projects under its hands; For this reason, the person in charge and the administration of this institution sincerely hope that the rich, merchants and people of good will help the needy, poor and suffering citizens through this institution, so that they too can be like others. Life goes well with daily affairs. According to the Prophet's statement, if someone lifts the pain and suffering of a Muslim brother and helps him improve his life; Allah Almighty will not remove from him the sufferings of the Day of Resurrection.
Saad Charitable Foundation is committed to providing your aid transparently and fairly to needy families and eligible people without delay or hindrance.