Saad Welfare Foundation

The huge educational complex (aljamia al arabia saad bin abi waqas) which is located in ghazni province district of naway and malak din village their constructional progresses is flowing so smoothly and sharp.

Published: Nov 13,2023 02:00 PM

Such a huge educational center in palace like this reside and under privilege area was a dream but we achieved and made it a truth by help of allah. If allah willed this center will be a treasure in religious and contemporaneity education.

Characteristics of this complex: -

 1: it’s based on the 50 acers land.

2: designed and innovated by elite engineer’s.

3: the construction fundamentals are supervised by hard working engineer’s.

4: their buildings are modern and made by today’s standards from roof to ceiling and constructed by baked bricks and iron skewer.

5: have the residential ability for more than 6000 students.

6: they will be educating by 200 elite and popular tutors.

7: in the addition of religious and modern education also there will be teaching and training in the field of computer and technology.

8: water pools, sports play grounds and flowers are also planted for the entertainment and mental peace of students