Saad Charity Foundation is an independent , personal and impartial free Islamic foundation that works to serve the oppressed and deprived people of the country

Saad Welfare Foundation

Saad Charity Foundation is an independent, private, free, and Islamic foundation that works to serve the oppressed and disadvantaged people of the country. It is the foundation of all Islamic and cultural values.
The Charity Foundation pays attention to the following:
  • Respect for Islamic and Afghan culture
  • The material and spiritual service of the countrymen is their religious obligation.
  • It is their responsibility to educate, educate and cooperate with orphans and needy people in the critical needs of life.
  • Respect for Islamic and Afghan culture

To be a lid,             Education, training; Support of the poor people in the field of health and economy; Not from Allah, he wanted reward and reward.

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We are about giving back

Core Values

Encouragement, Kindness, Responsibility, Courage, & Grit
We want the lives of our people to be precious and colorful from all the material and spiritual aspects.

Our Foundation wants to be a charitable foundation across the country to prevent the suffering of the oppressed and to save the people who have lost their lives in the first place.


We are committed to all islamic، religious and cultural values. We want a society that thrives on the beauty of love، beauty and diversity. We are engaged in the innovation and correcting of a strategy that will be the main element of compassion، kindness and respect، in order to bring about significant adulation in all aspects of people's lives. The Sa'd Charitable Foundation intends to be the source of the service of the region and people in every part of Afghanistan's suffering and helpless nation as necessary. Health، education، education، and construction are among our primary goals. In this way، we want to do our job and work to ensure that we don't lose our jobs. Development in the field of education is not one of the primary goals of Saad Charity Foundation and strives to educate the community knowledgeable، committed، professional، religious and religious cadres. Sad Charity Foundation's tireless efforts to build schools، schools، libraries، and specialty centers in the field of education continue to be very serious and deeply underway.

Our Services

What we are Doing?


Providing standard education in areas of the country where the light of education and knowledge is provided.


Creating an atmosphere of love and brotherhood between young people، travelers and the people of the country.

Building Homes

Creating affordable housing for orphans and poor children.

General Services

: Do your best to prevent natural disasters، as well as help with floods and earthquakes.

Building Mosques

Building mosques in a time of great need.

Health Services

Providing medicines and medicines to orphans، poor and needy people in the field of health، as well as arranging for patients to stay and bed.


What we have created



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We built Afghanistan

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